Reasons You Should Always Back Up Your Computer

Reasons You Should Always Back Up Your Computer

Why Should I Back Up My Computer?

The long and short answer to the question above can be summed up in three words, “Data is Valuable”. What if your hard drive dies and you lose your wedding photos forever. Imagine your important Quickbooks and financial files permanently deleted. What if a nasty virus, encrypts all of your vacation photos from last summer. What if you lost everything?  You can purchase a new computer or hard drive, but data can never be bought back after it is gone.

It is very likely that a hard drive will die on your computer at some point in your life. The chance of your drive going bad at different ages is as follows:

According to research, 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months of the disaster. A good backup helps you to recover accidentally deleted files and folders. If you get a nasty ransomware virus, your computer backup will save you time and money. In the event of a hardware failure, a good backup will allow you to be back up and running, so you don’t lose business. A solid backup strategy is one of the key elements of being prepared for the worst.

Should I do an offsite or onsite backup?

It is recommended that you use the 3-2-1 backup strategy. You are probably wondering what the 3-2-1 backup strategy means. Let me explain it like this.

You have a file called weddingphoto.jpg. The file weddingphoto.jpg lives on your hard drive on your computer. That is one copy of weddingphoto.jpg. Next, you have an external hard drive plugged into the computer that you are backing up to. This is the second copy of weddingphoto.jpg. And finally, you paid for a cloud backup service. This cloud backup service can tell when you save files or make changes to weddingphoto.jpg. The backup service will upload that file to the cloud. This is your third copy of weddingphoto.jpg. In a nutshell, the 3-2-1 strategy is one copy of your data is on your local hard drive; one copy backed up offsite and one copy backed up locally.

There are many companies that allow you to backup to their servers. Most of these solutions are typically coined as “cloud backup”. I would highly recommend backing up your computer to a “cloud” backup provider. This type of backup secures your data against theft, fire, or a ransomware attack.

We also recommend that your computer is backed up locally. Backing up your computer locally allows for a much faster restore than restoring your computer from the cloud. If you have an external hard drive with your computer image, you will be able to restore your computer without having to wait for the backup file to download from the “cloud” backup provider website.

I hope this article helps to persuade you to backup your computer. You will thank yourself the next time your hard drive dies or your laptop gets stolen. If you have more questions about backup and what we have to offer, please contact us at 717-258-3789 or contact us today.

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