We are a local company who provides trustworthy technology services.

Kirbtech offers information technology consulting for small businesses in Carlisle and beyond, but we’re much more than an IT company. Learn about our history, what we value, and how we build a strong partnership with every client.

Since our launch in 2007 by Kirby Witmer, the Kirbtech team has grown into a group of dedicated personnel. We are locally owned and operated near the beautiful town of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. We strive to offer honest and reliable technical support for every client.

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Company History

Our business had humble beginnings, and it’s since become a reliable and established tech company in Carlisle. While we’ve grown since 2007, we still hold onto the values that make us personally invested in your company’s success. Follow our complete history from the beginning to the present day.

2007 – Founded by Kirby Witmer in a small converted one-car garage.

2011 – Acquired the hardware and networking clients of ABC Software in Lebanon, PA.

2012 – Acquired the managed IT service clients for Joe Farrell Associates in Mechanicsburg, PA, who was retiring from the industry to pursue travel and photography.

2012 – Changed corporate structure to a partnership.

2013 – Moved from the original office into a larger newly remodeled office.

2017 – Acquired Aardvark Computers Inc.  which was founded in 1991 by Frank Masland and provided IT Services & Computer Repair to businesses in the Cumberland Valley.

2019 – Acquired Unified Solution Group (USG), an IT and telecommunications company in Chambersburg, PA.

2021 – Acquired Sidella Computer Consulting, an IT and Computer Consulting company based in Chambersburg, PA.

2023 – Acquired Advanced Technology Specialist LLC, an IT and Computer Consulting company based in Chambersburg, PA.


Our Values

After years of development, we’ve held onto the values that inform our service, maintaining quality, reliability, and consistency in everything we do.

Our desire is to honor God in everything we do. This focus inspires us to serve others as we live out our core values. Our core values set the foundation of our culture and guide us in every business decision.

  • Do everything with integrity
  • Exceed customer’s expectations
  • Operate efficiently and competitively
  • Continue improving our knowledge and skills
  • Promote an enjoyable team environment


Our Commitment to You

In alignment with our values, we dedicate ourselves to our customers to deliver the best results within our locality. Our commitment to you includes:

  • Friendly support: When you work with an IT company outside of your team, the process is easier and more enjoyable when the IT experts are kind and respectful toward you and your employees. We strive to bring a positive attitude to our services to ensure we build a strong professional relationship with your business.
  • Comprehensive service: IT support is only meaningful for your business if the services address your needs. We commit to comprehensive service with every client, regardless of your company’s size, industry, or IT priorities.
  • Collaboration: We commit to listening to your needs and wants. When clients come to us, they often have a vision for their IT infrastructure. We take the time to listen to your ideas first, then offer suggestions based on what’s possible and within your budget.
  • Creative solutions: Some IT problems are less straightforward than others. When IT challenges arise, we commit to creative solutions that meet your team’s needs. With our advanced capabilities and capacity to innovate, we make technical support accessible at a competitive cost.

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Our Team

Much like those we serve, we’re a locally owned business, which is why we want you to know who you’re working with. Get to know the members of our team and how they serve your IT needs. Our employees are the reason we’re able to bring you excellent service every time you need it.

Kirby Witmer

Partner/Director of Technology & Service

At 17 years old, Kirby took his first real job with a computer software company and hasn’t looked back. In 2007, He founded Kirbtech LLC. A passionate student of the technology industry, he has closely followed each new trend as they emerge. Technology isn’t the only thing Kirby is passionate about. He loves being a dad and spending time with his wife and four children as well as hunting, fishing, and reading.

Nolan Snyder

Partner/Director of Finance & Operations

Nolan joined the Kirbtech team and brought his passion for organization and small business with him. As one of the managing partners, he loves crunching and analyzing business numbers and processes while finding ways to make things better and more efficient. Having owned and operated small businesses of his own, he knows what it takes to build a successful business and enjoys helping customers do the same. Nolan loves spending the weekends with his wife and two children. He enjoys using technology to make his home more energy efficient and automated.

Merlin Halteman

Partner/Director of Managed Services

Merlin joined the Kirbtech team in the spring of 2012. He spends a lot of time engineering our managed services solution and migrating customers to Office 365. When he’s not at work, He enjoys spending time outdoors; baseball, volleyball, fishing, hunting, and kayaking.

Troy Witmer

Partner/Director of Sales & Marketing

Troy joined our Kirbtech team in the summer of 2013. His primary role at Kirbtech is Sales and Marketing. When not at work, you’ll find him traveling the world with his wife or in the great outdoors archery hunting and kayaking.

Rob Hoffman

Sales/Senior IT Consultant

Rob joined our team in January of 2018 but has decades of experience in the technology field, including a few years as an IT trainer/instructor. His knowledge of specific manufacturing, warehousing, and medical systems has been very valuable to our team. On-off hours, he enjoys spending time with his family, singing in a band, or tinkering with his 3D printer.

Karen Martin


As our secretary, Karen’s friendly personality allows her to provide excellent customer service in person or by phone. She is always ready to help you or refer you to a technician who can best handle your request.

Garrick Davis

IT Technician

Garrick has spent quite a few years working in Tech Support & Project Management for large corporations, which brings valuable insights and experience to our team. most days, He is on the road with maintenance visits and service calls. He resides in Shippensburg, PA with his wife and three children and loves to spend weekends kayaking.

Brent Martin

IT Technician

Brent joined the Kirbtech Team in July of 2018. Most days you’ll him out and about in the beautiful Cumberland Valley installing new computers, servers, or doing general service work. After hours, he loves to tinker with tech and in the winter months, snowboarding.

James Swartz

Repair Technician

James joined the Kirbtech team with the acquisition of Aardvark Computers in the fall of 2017. From replacing laptop screens to malware and antivirus removal, he spends the majority of his time repairing computers, building new ones, and preparing equipment for install.

Nathanael McNaughton

Helpdesk Technician

Nathanael joined our Kirbtech team in the Fall of 2016. His primary role at Kirbtech is managing our helpdesk while providing technical support and troubleshooting. Fascinated by tech from an early age, he loves all things tech. Evenings and weekends are spent volunteering at his local fire department, building robots, or flying RC planes.

Jaylin Halteman

Helpdesk Technician

Jaylin joined the Kirbtech team in the winter of 2020. His primary role at Kirbtech is managing our helpdesk while providing technical support and troubleshooting, monitoring your backups, and ensuring our monitoring client’s computers stay up to date.

Matt Gesell

Managed Services Technician

Matt joined the Kirbtech team in the fall of 2021. His primary role at Kirbtech is helping manage and support our Managed Service customers.

Rich Sidella

Sales/Senior IT Consultant

Rich joined our team with the acquisition of Sidella Computer Consulting in the fall of 2021.

Ben Rupp

Senior IT Technician

Ben joined our team with the acquisition of Sidella Computer Consulting in the fall of 2021.

Dave Kuhns

Managed Services Technician

Dave joined the Kirbtech team in the spring of 2022. His primary role at Kirbtech is helping manage and support our Managed Service customers.

Shane Hockenberry

Network / Telecom Engineer

Shane joined the Kirbtech team in January of 2023. His primary role at Kirbtech is helping with phone system installations and IT infrastructure projects.

James Martin

Helpdesk Technician

James joined the Kirbtech team in January of 2023. His primary role at Kirbtech is managing our helpdesk, providing technical support and troubleshooting.

Reese Burns

Network / Video Surveillance Engineer

Reese joined the Kirbtech team in January of 2023. His primary role at Kirbtech is installing camera systems, access control, and networking equipment.

Nathan Nunemaker


Nathan Joined the Kirbtech Team in Fall of 2023.

Izaak Dennis

IT Technician

Izaak joined the Kirbtech team in January of 2023.

Bobby Robinson

Sales Engineer

Bobby joined our team with the ATS acquisition in the spring of 2023. Bobby has been in the IT world since 2003.

Mark Zullinger

IT Technician

Mark joined our team with the ATS acquisition in the spring of 2023.

Jason Martin

Jason joined our team with the ATS acquisition in the spring of 2023.

Ryan Corwell

IT Technician

Ryan joined our team with the ATS acquisition in the spring of 2023.

Alan Guyer

IT Technician

Alan joined our team in the spring of 2023.

Daryl Musser

Director Of Finance

Daryl joined Kirbtech in the fall of 2023.

Levi Rhodes


Levi joined Kirbtech in the winter of 2024.

We specialize in serving small to medium sized businesses in every industry. Some of our most commonly served industries include: Accountants, Law Offices, Agriculture Companies, Nonprofits, Churches, Manufacturing, and Construction Companies. We also serve drop-in customers and can provide onsite support for any customer that has a technical need.

Managed IT Services and More With Kirbtech

In our commitment to comprehensive solutions, we bring you a wide range of IT services to address your business’s technology needs. Our portfolio of services includes:

Whether you need one or multiple services, you can find the solutions that fit your business’s goals.

The Benefits of Working With Our Team

We bring our values and client commitment to every job, but there’s more to love about our IT services. With us, you gain:

  • Scalable services: As your company expands, your needs change, and your IT support should reflect that. When you work with Kirbtech, we take the time to understand your changing priorities and create a service plan that reflects those needs. As your IT provider, we scale with you.
  • Fast response times: IT issues can have a huge effect on productivity when left unaddressed. Our fast response times ensure you get a solution when you need it, so you can limit downtime and achieve more during the day.
  • Remote support: Once you become a client, you gain access to our remote support software. When technical issues arise, our team can take over your computer and fix the problem from our Carlisle office.
  • Free consultations: You only have to commit to Kirbtech when you know what we can do for you. During our free consultation, we’ll discuss your IT needs and identify the best solutions for your business.
  • A dedicated team: Above all, Kirbtech is an IT company dedicated to your success. We pride ourselves on our work, and we build our services on a foundation of trust. We’re your long-term partner in technology development.