Balancing your organization’s technical requirements can be complex, especially when you work in a different sector or have limited resources, preventing you from creating an in-house IT department. Kirbtech provides IT managed services to small and medium-sized businesses in Harrisburg, PA. Outsourcing IT is a cost-effective way to receive the expertise you need with 24/7 support.

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We empower you to grow through business technology consulting in Harrisburg, PA. Kirbtech is a local business dedicated to providing honest and reliable technical support. When you need IT experts, we fulfill that role at a lower cost than hiring, training and maintaining an in-house team, equipping you to optimize your operations, minimize time spent on tech and grow your business. Our technicians have certifications from Barracuda, Microsoft, Grandstream, Ubiquiti and other technology-specific companies.

Examples of industries we serve include:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Legal practices
  • Religious institutions

Benefits of Choosing Our Managed Services

There are several key benefits for Harrisburg, PA, businesses outsourcing their IT:

  • Skill: Our support team has years of experience across various industries. We are ready and able to help you overcome your IT obstacles.
  • Scalability: Kirbtech can help you grow your IT infrastructure with our team of dedicated professionals. Outsourcing is more easily scalable than adding new IT employees and equipment to meet new requirements.
  • Prevention: Threat prevention is one of the main issues for modern IT since security and software issues can lead to vulnerabilities. Our team will perform preventive maintenance and mitigate risks, so you can rest assured that your IT is in good hands.
  • Technical support: We offer a HelpDesk portal and cloud solution to help you handle your most significant IT issues. We’ll address all your technical concerns during regular business hours and are here when you need us most, with emergency IT services available 24/7.
  • Savings: Outsourcing IT to a third-party party provider is a cost-saving solution since you won’t need to take on the long-term costs and responsibility of an in-house IT department.

What Can Kirbtech Do for Your Harrisburg Business?

Managing technology while balancing your business’s needs can be equally rewarding and frustrating. That’s why we strive to help your team transform pain points into easy workflows, whether offering you technical support, assessing your network security or helping your office with cloud technology solutions.

Our managed service package includes:

  • Managed updates, antivirus and software licensing
  • Daily system review
  • Daily server backup check
  • Active monitoring of PCs and office technology
  • Priority-level response to support requests
  • Password and documentation portal to view network information

We also offer a complete service package with the offerings mentioned above, plus on-site visits, emergency 24/7 support and other advanced features.

When you decide that you’re interested in our services, you’ll walk through a three-step process. First, we’ll schedule a consultation to create a free IT management plan customized to your business. Then, our onboarding team will explain the day-to-day process and outcomes of creating a stress-free transition to your new IT setup. After making the change, we fulfill our promises with ongoing IT management and support.

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Kirbtech is proud to provide IT managed services in Harrisburg and the surrounding areas. Our team offers technical support and expert consulting to help you grow your business without expanding your in-house IT team.

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