Commercial Surveillance Cameras in Central PA

Benefits of Camera Systems

  • Prevents theft & vandalism
  • Improves security
  • Monitor employees
  • Remote monitoring
  • 24/7 peace of mind
  • Cost-effective and scalable

When you run a small or mid-size business, you may be concerned about property security but feel you don’t have the resources to establish a reliable surveillance camera system. Thanks to advancements in camera technology, video surveillance solutions are more accessible than ever. Rather than needing security guards and a monitoring station, you can keep an eye on your property from your phone or computer using security cameras.

At Kirbtech, we install indoor and outdoor CCTV systems and security cameras for businesses. Our experts can help you find the best areas for cameras so you and your team can enjoy peace of mind around the clock.

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Video Surveillance Ensures Your Business is Secure

Surveillance cameras use IP addresses to transfer video data to a remote location. Unlike traditional video surveillance, our security and CCTV cameras don’t need feed wires and an on-site monitoring location — they operate entirely through the internet.

With internet connectivity, you can monitor the footage from a security camera over your computer or cell phone. This technology also allows for 24/7 monitoring, and it can send video data to the cloud for long-term use.

You’ve likely seen security cameras in places like retail shops, banks, and other commercial areas. This type of video surveillance can have a range of features to meet security needs, like zoom capabilities, night vision, and outdoor weather resistance. Other business camera systems even record in high definition to create a high-quality picture.

There are many styles of camera systems to fit different spaces and visibility requirements. Dome cameras are a common design because they have a small footprint, and they easily blend in on ceilings and walls. Bullet-style cameras are larger and easily noticed in various areas. These camera models are an excellent deterrent for crime because potential criminals immediately see them.

Regardless of your industry or unique business needs, video surveillance can be a helpful addition to your property. At Kirbtech, we offer security cameras to keep your business safe.

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Vandalism and theft can destroy profits and prevent your business from flourishing. Our camera systems can monitor and improve security so your business can grow and flourish for many years to come.

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Benefits of Camera Systems for Business

With the many features of surveillance cameras, they can provide several advantages for companies of all sizes. Indoor and outdoor surveillance systems from Kirbtech can help you:

  • Prevent theft and vandalism: Adding surveillance cameras to your property can act as a deterrent for criminal behaviors. When vandals and thieves identify cameras in an area, they’ll think twice about breaking the law.
  • Improve security: Using security measures like electronic locks and alarms can keep your property safe, and surveillance cameras add the extra layer of protection you need. If something were to happen on your property, you’d have a video record to show the authorities.
  • Monitor employees: If you have concerns about theft inside the workplace, using a surveillance system can help you catch the guilty party. Employee monitoring can also help you keep track of shift workers and ensure everyone is at work when they’re meant to be.
  • Enjoy remote surveillance: Our surveillance cameras connect to the internet, allowing you to access footage through internet-enabled devices. Whether you’re away for vacation or home for the night, you can check in on your office to ensure everything is as it should be.
  • Experience peace of mind: Introducing an extra layer of security to your property can make you feel more comfortable once the office closes. Plus, you can stay connected to your location even when you travel for business.
  • Stay within budget: Surveillance systems are a cost-effective solution for security needs. They save you the expenses associated with potential theft and vandalism, and the initial costs are manageable for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Scale with your business: It’s easy to integrate new surveillance cameras into your system as soon as you need them. Whether you add a new office or discover a location that needs monitoring, we’re ready to expand your system to meet your growing needs.

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How Common Are Surveillance Cameras?

You can find surveillance cameras just about anywhere. With theft and vandalism prevention, they can protect valuable property found in a range of industries. You might see surveillance cameras in:

  • Education: Between students, staff, and valuable technology, schools and educational institutes have a lot to protect on their properties. Surveillance solutions inside and outside can deter unwanted visitors and look out for odd behavior inside the building.
  • Government: In government buildings, confidentiality is sometimes a necessity. When employees need the authorization to enter specific areas, surveillance cameras can monitor these workers and ensure security protocols stay intact.
  • Finances: Banks and financial institutes can have large amounts of cash on the property in addition to private information. Protecting these buildings is critical for clients’ comfort and safeguarding money.
  • Hospitality: Motels, hotels and resorts have people walking in and out all day. With this business model, it’s easier for unwanted characters to enter the building, take belongings, and vandalize property. Cameras on the outside can act as a strong deterrent, while systems at indoor entrances can add an extra layer of protection.
  • Healthcare: Much like the hospitality industry, health care facilities cater to all types of people throughout the day. Medical buildings also have valuable equipment and pharmaceuticals that can be a target for theft. Adding cameras inside and outside can give patients, employees, and owners peace of mind.
  • Retail: Items like clothing and jewelry are common targets for shoplifters, making retail a major industry for surveillance camera use. While these systems may discourage some people from taking anything, to begin with, they can also catch those that leave with their pockets full.
  • Transportation: Public trains, buses and taxis serve all kinds of people throughout the day. If employees are ever at risk, surveillance cameras provide evidence for the authorities and act as a deterrent.

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