Keep your business operating at full speed.

Server Solutions With Kirbtech

  • Virtualization (Hyper-V & VMWare)
  • Active Directory (including Azure Active Directory)
  • File & Folder Permissions
  • Network & Group Policy
  • Server Replication & Redundancy
  • Remote Access (RDS or Terminal Services)
  • Hybrid Cloud
  • Datacenter Storage

Servers are essential to IT infrastructure, whether you run a small business or a massive enterprise. However, server setups can seem inaccessible to small businesses, especially when you’re trying to stay within budget or keep hardware requirements to a minimum. If you currently rely on a server, there’s a good chance you can get more from it with professional support.

At Kirbtech, we recognize that server needs are challenging to manage when you run a small or mid-sized company. Our server upgrade services for businesses in Carlisle and beyond help your operation make the most of your existing hardware. We can also help you migrate to more modern solutions like cloud setups and virtualization.

What Is a Server?

Your server is a computer that delivers and collects information to and from other connected computers, known as clients. This vital piece of your IT infrastructure can work on a wide area network like the internet or a local network, like the one you use for your business. Even though we often think of servers as massive, room-filling machines, any computer can become one with the right software.

When you use the internet, you work through a server to access the information. Typing in a URL sends the page information to your web browser, which then sends it to your server. From there, the server finds and builds the data needed to create the page and delivers it to the browser to display. In a business setting, you might rely on multiple servers to manage different processes, such as various units to manage email, respond to printing requests, and house important files.

There are several server types you can use, which is why server design is a helpful service. IT professionals like Kirbtech can identify your server needs based on your daily processes, like printing, email, and file storage. With the correct server design, you can optimize efficiency and keep up with everyday tasks.

In addition to having the correct types of servers, the computers you use for processing are essential to efficient network function. While these computers have hardware similar to any non-server, they need specific software, fast hard drives, and lots of RAM to handle high volumes of information.

As technology progresses, server capabilities become more streamlined and suited to modern data processing. Options like virtualization and remote access can make servers easier to use and more accessible for companies of all sizes. If you haven’t upgraded your datacenter design or installed new server systems lately, you might consider looking into installation or migration services to boost your in-house processing.

Keep your business operating at full speed.

Does your organization require an on-premise server or datacenter? The Kirbtech team has the experience your business needs to design and deploy a new server solution for your data or line of business application. Our team can also assist with server migrations, maintenance, upgrades, and virtualization platforms.

The Benefits of Server Design Services

At Kirbtech, our wide range of server solutions addresses your business’s needs. With our support, you can:

  • Improve efficiency: Services like replication, datacenter storage, and active directory keep your information organized and make it easier for several computers to operate on the same server system. If you have numerous employees handling the same tasks, our services will help them do so efficiently.
  • Reduce hardware: Using virtualization or hybrid cloud services can help you eliminate in-house servers that take up space and require frequent maintenance. With the technology available, you can get more from your existing hardware to save space and minimize additional costs.
  • Enhance security: Network policy, file permissions, and more can change your accessibility and security within your server. Adding these features can ensure private information stays private, and employees can only view the data necessary to their positions. Using virtualization can also help with disaster recovery, ensuring lost data can be re-collected and protected.
  • Increase accessibility: Remote desktop services (RDS) allows your team to access their desktops and applications from different computers. This service can support telecommuters and employees using their own devices within the office.
  • Save resources: If you have a complex server system at your office, you’re paying for it in terms of energy, hardware, and physical space. You may also rely on an in-house IT professional to handle your setup. At Kirbtech, our services make it easy to reduce costs and save your resources. Eliminate any in-house needs and limit hardware usage when you trust our team with server upgrades, migration, and maintenance.
  • Scale with ease: When your team grows, you may find that your existing servers aren’t enough to handle the high levels of network traffic. Scalability is essential to keep up with your changing needs. Whether you use virtualization or count on us for upgrades, we can prepare your business for growth.

If you’re not sure what you need to optimize your company’s servers, we’re happy to help you find direction. Before we dive into server solutions, our team will work with you to uncover your major pain points and what we can do to solve them.

How Common Are Servers?

With just about every business relying on at least one computer, servers are standard for companies of all sizes. Network sizes and server setups might vary based on scale and processing needs, but servers are present nonetheless.

You can find servers in every industry, including:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health care
  • Government
  • Nonprofit
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation

In small and mid-sized businesses like local insurance agencies, medical offices, and banks, operations may use just enough computers to make a local server necessary. In these instances, optimization helps you get the most from your server to keep your team productive and your customers happy.

Every industry has different priorities and processes they handle on the computer. Server professionals should consider these qualities when providing services. For example, a doctor’s office will have large file storage requirements to track patient health records. Insurance brokers, on the other hand, may need a server just for processing emails.

Kirbtech is willing to help with your specific business needs, prompt in response when problems come up, and open about how they operate and handle your information.

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