IT Support for the Legal Industry

As a lawyer, you are constantly handling highly sensitive information. When managing high volumes of confidential client data, your law firm’s network infrastructure must be high-functioning and secure enough to protect against potential breaches. When you outsource IT services for your legal practice, you gain expert technical support to ensure your data is protected and your firm is streamlined for optimal efficiency.

If you need legal IT services for your practice, Kirbtech can deliver the expert support you need. We’ve spent over a decade providing lawyers with personalized technical support and exceptional customer service across the legal industry.

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What You Can Expect From Our Legal IT Services

When choosing our legal IT services, you can better maintain operational efficiency and protect your client’s information. Our team has the knowledge and experience to deliver dependable, hands-on services that boost your firm’s security and performance.

We offer the following IT services for legal firms across the industry:

  • Networking: Our team can help you achieve smarter networking by handling your cabling and designing a network to fulfill your needs. We also conduct network assessments to uncover any type of interruptions that are holding your network back.
  • Servers: Gain flexibility and control over your firm’s technical operations with server solutions from Kirbtech. Our experts have the experience to identify common server problems and offer guidance on resolving these issues.
  • Managed IT: We have the expertise to deliver technology repairs, preventive maintenance, update management, data backups, and emergency support functions for your legal practice.
  • Computer repair: Whether you have a cracked screen or a failed hard drive, our professionals can fix it with minimal downtime.
  • Cloud solutionsAchieve workflow accessibility no matter where you are with business cloud solution support for your email, messaging, file storage, and accounting needs.
  • Camera systems: Our security cameras have 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities to safeguard your most confidential information and secure your law offices.
  • Phone systems: We provide phone system upgrades for lawyers and implement innovative technologies that facilitate seamless connectivity with clients.
  • Hardware: With all your business IT hardware stored under one roof, you can improve workflow efficiency with dependable laptops, time clocks, backup devices, and printers.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT for Your Firm

As a full-service IT company, we have the capabilities to support your law practice’s IT needs. When working with us, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Maintained compliance: Our legal IT services help you adhere to client data security regulations through compliant technologies.
  • Enhanced data accessibility: Having complete access to case data at all times is crucial to performing your job. Our experts can implement features such as cloud storage to optimize your legal client files for convenient access.
  • Improved security: We provide solutions that safeguard your law firm’s sensitive data from cyber threats, helping you gain protection and peace of mind.
  • Lowered operating costs: With our outsourced services, your firm can save on operating costs by not hiring in-house IT equipment and employees.
  • Increased productivity: Our team manages technical issues efficiently so that you can get back to representing your clients as soon as possible.


Choose Kirbtech to Help With Your IT Needs

At Kirbtech, we offer top-of-the-line IT support for lawyers throughout Central PA in the following areas:

We’re committed to empowering small and mid-sized businesses to realize their potential through advanced technology solutions. Book a free consultation today, or call us at 717-258-3789 to learn more about our services!

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