Networking Services Offered

  • Fiber optic cabling and networks (indoor & outdoor)
  • Structured Data Cabling (CAT5, CAT6, CAT6a)
  • Wireless
  • Point to Point Wireless Bridging
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN)
  • SD-WAN
  • Barracuda Next Gen Firewalls
  • Network Switches

If you use computers in any way at your business, they need a network to function effectively. While networks are essential to your IT infrastructure, they can be challenging to maintain. That’s where Kirbtech comes in.

We offer wireless networking setups and structured cabling installation for small businesses throughout central Pennsylvania. If you don’t have the resources to manage your network in-house, we can handle it for you. We provide ongoing network support so you can keep up with your day-to-day tasks without downtime. Learn more about our business network cable installation in Central Pennsylvania today.

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The Network Management and Cabling Installation Process

While there’s no real industry definition of network management, its goal is to administer, maintain and operate a data network. These processes ensure network users have access to the network’s resources and can use them efficiently at all times. Tech professionals use a range of hardware and software to create a network management system they can supervise.

Since this process requires an established cabling system, many businesses will outsource network management to a managed service provider (MSP) or IT professional. These experts will create a network management protocol, which lays out the policies and plans for management.

With a protocol in place, MSPs can provide a structure that supports the company’s objectives for optimal operation. When network problems arise, managers can reference the protocol to troubleshoot.

So what’s involved in network management? There are five key areas in this IT process:

  • Administration: Network administration is about configuring resources for the network, like routers, switches, and servers. This process also includes monitoring these devices and ensuring they’re connected at all times.
  • Operation: The operation side of network management is about making sure everything works the way it should. A professional will monitor network activities and try to detect and prevent problems before they start.
  • Security: Any network is vulnerable to attacks and malware, so IT professionals must create a security protocol. This protocol will prevent unauthorized users from accessing the network. It will also involve a firewall and comply with any data and protection regulations.
  • Maintenance: Once a network is established, it needs periodic updates, repairs and testing to ensure it’s working its best. This process can include replacing hardware like routers.
  • Provisioning: This aspect of network management is about configuring for additional processes that may not happen in the administration step. Provisioning may include accommodating more users and servers or recognizing new abilities like voice functions.

The data you use to keep your business afloat exists within your network, making network management essential for security and stability. When you lack an in-house team, outsourced IT professionals can help you handle the network installation process.

Why Work With Kirbtech for Network Installation

Network and server interruptions end in lost productivity and resources for you and your customers. We understand time is money and how disruptive downtime can be. We can engineer secure and stable networks that bring your business together.

Kirbtech also offers structured cabling services. From law firm offices to major healthcare facilities, we have cabled them all. Combining our cabling service with our networking expertise, we can install and manage your business’s entire network infrastructure.

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The Benefits of Network Support

Working with Kirbtech for networking management in Carlisle and throughout central Pennsylvania can offer various advantages for your business. With our variety of IT services, you will get:

  • Added expertise: Small and medium-sized businesses often lack the resources to develop an in-house department. Outsourcing provides the expertise your team doesn’t have on its own. Our professionals are well-versed in network management to give you a solid foundation for company processes.
  • Reduced costs: In-house departments come with added payroll expenses and office space your company might not have the budget for. Kirbtech offers the same benefits of an in-house team at a lower cost, letting you save money for high-priority projects.
  • Decreased risk: When it comes to networking, your data is on the line. You need an approach that protects sensitive information from access by unauthorized users. Network support includes security protocols to encrypt your data and help you comply with data protection regulations.
  • Minimized downtime: Unstable networks can lead to frequent crashes and workday disruptions. While these hiccups can be frustrating, they can also cause your team to fall behind. A trustworthy network keeps operations moving throughout the day and minimizes costly downtime.
  • Extra time: Handling network management yourself can be time-consuming, especially when you have a small IT team. Outsourcing network management to a professional offloads the responsibility. This means your staff has more time to focus on new projects and building company success.
  • Improved efficiency: With a reliable network, your technology processes run smoother. Fewer disruptions and faster connections mean you can achieve more in less time and make your business competitive within your industry and location.

Our network management and IT cabling installation in Central PA support small and medium-sized businesses in various ways. When your tech isn’t up to par, our team gets it where it needs to be.


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How Common Are Networking Services?

Networking management is extraordinarily common. Technology is growing fast, and it’s become an essential part of businesses big and small. Let’s face it — a company without a developed network and tech infrastructure will struggle to keep up with the competition in today’s tech-driven marketplace.

While IT infrastructure is vital to running a business in the modern world, it can still feel inaccessible when your company is small. IT companies like Kirbtech help make small businesses competitive within their industries and give them the chance to succeed.

Even large enterprises turn to IT companies for business Wi-Fi service and network support. If a large company has an in-house department, they might focus team efforts on bigger processes. Network management is time-consuming, and when IT teams have to keep up with this daily process, they miss out on growth potential.

Numerous industries rely on networking services, from office-based companies to those with more diverse operations. These fields include:

Your priorities and needs change depending on your industry. When you work with Kirbtech, we’ll ensure we understand your network requirements so we can create a system that works for you.


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Kirbtech takes care of the IT at our business. They are knowledgeable and have a great staff to work with. They are excellent at solving problems and coming up with the best solution for setting up a server or creating a secure network. Highly recommend!

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