Kirbtech is a locally owned IT support provider for Hanover, PA, organizations. Founded in Carlisle in 2007, Kirbtech is passionate about bringing high-quality consulting and managed services to small and medium-sized businesses in our commercial community. Learn more about the comprehensive, reliable services that built our stellar reputation.

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Kirbtech is a premium IT technology and support company that helps businesses with IT support in Hanover, PA. Our team has experience in a wide variety of industries and understands regulatory compliance for government, medical and financial organizations. We’ve also assisted manufacturing companies, the food service industry, construction and much more.

Whatever your company’s diverse background, our team will strive to exceed your expectations by applying your organization’s unique details to your custom IT management plan.

Benefits of Choosing Our IT Managed Services

There are several significant benefits to choosing Kirbtech as your provider for managed services:

  • Scalability: Our infrastructure helps you save money through IT outsourcing. Our team can scale up or roll back your technical services without the cost of IT constantly fluctuating, affecting dedicated IT employees and equipment.
  • 24/7 support: Our cloud software and support desk are available during business hours for tech support. We also have 24/7 emergency options, so you can count on our team when you need us the most.
  • Preventive maintenance: Kirbtech technicians perform regular checks to monitor your network’s performance and identify problems. We address these issues before they can worsen, helping you avoid downtime and maintain productivity.
  • Certifications: Our team has specialized industry certifications with companies like Microsoft, Ubiquiti, Grandstream and Barracuda. These accolades prove our experience and expertise, so you know your technology is in good hands.

What Can Kirbtech Do for Your Hanover Business?

Business technology consulting is at the core of what we do for Hanover, PA, businesses. The goal of our team is to make your IT process so frictionless that you can stay focused on meeting your business’s goals.

We offer two package options to help you accomplish this goal — our managed service plan and the full service IT contract.

The managed service plan covers a wide variety of features, including daily sweeps of your system and server, antivirus protection software and computer monitoring technology. The full-service plan combines emergency support around the clock with a HelpDesk where you can check on tickets and other features.

The Kirbtech team can help you identify which package and features are best for your organization through a three-step process:

  • Complimentary consultation: When you meet with our team for a free consultation, we’ll help you develop an IT management plan that fits your organizational structure.
  • Onboarding: Our expert onboarding team will explain how the IT transition will take place, including how it will impact specific day-to-day operations for a smooth process.
  • Transition: Our transition team will implement the new plan and guide you through the transition process with ongoing support and troubleshooting.

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Kirbtech is here to help local businesses discover powerful managed IT services. We’ve worked with small and medium-sized companies since 2007, providing outstanding IT support and outsourcing for local businesses in diverse industries. When you choose a contract with Kirbtech, our team will help you revolutionize your IT infrastructure and find innovative methods to hit your technical milestones.

Are you ready to explore your options for business technology consulting in Hanover, PA, with Kirbtech? You can request a free consultation appointment online or call or text us at 717-258-3789 to join Kirbtech and help your organization benefit from IT outsourcing’s convenience and affordability.

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