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In the IT world, hardware plays an essential role by connecting users to technology ecosystems. Your business relies on hardware to check emails, save client information, process payments, and much more.

When your hardware is outdated or in poor condition, you run into IT hiccups all day. Your desktops might have a slow loading time, or your printers never connect to your computers. Troubleshooting these issues can eat away at your time and slow your company’s progress in achieving growth and other goals. If you’re noticing these problems, it’s time to find a reliable hardware provider.

Kirbtech can serve as your sole provider in helping you upgrade all of your office hardware. Whether you need to buy laptops for business or renew your servers, we have your business covered.

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What Is Hardware and Why Does it Matter?

Hardware is any physical component used to run a computer system. This broad term covers many types of equipment, from computers and smartphones to printers and keyboards, and you probably use many IT hardware components a day. Without hardware, we wouldn’t be able to use and interact with software like a word processor or music application.

You can divide hardware into two types — external and internal. External hardware comprises the larger pieces of equipment you interact with every day, like your computer’s monitor, printer, webcam, and other devices. Internal hardware refers to the components that make your external equipment operate. This category includes small, complex parts like:

  • Central processing units (CPUs): This part of your computer processes data to turn input into output.
  • Random-access memory (RAM): Your computer uses RAM like an easy-access storage location. Your operating system, applications, and data live here when they’re in use, which allows your processor to refer to them quickly when necessary.
  • Motherboards: As the central communications hub, the motherboard is the main printed circuit board in a computer that connects all other components.
  • Graphics cards: This component removes processing strain from the RAM and processor by rendering and projecting graphics on your screen.
  • Solid-state drive (SSD): These drives are nonvolatile storage devices that store data without mechanical processes. These drives are the most common storage components in laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Various pieces of hardware are continuously working together to help you use your programs and access the internet. When you think about your business environment, how much hardware do you rely on throughout the week? If you feel that you need more physical resources in your office to make your team more efficient, Kirbtech serves businesses with a variety of essential IT equipment from our base in Carlisle.

Invest in hardware that fits your business.

In a world filled with endless hardware options, you can count on us for a wide array of hardware from sleek, portable tablets to powerful network servers. Our desktops are custom-built, here in Carlisle, PA. Our computers are long-lasting, dependable, powerful, and backed by our 5-year warranty. We stock laptops, desktops, battery backups, and more.

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The Benefits of Contracted IT Hardware With Kirbtech

Kirbtech provides several hardware solutions for small and mid-size businesses. With our equipment options, you can enjoy:

  • Personalization: Our custom-built desktops come tailored to your business’s unique requirements. If you need a high-quality graphics card for video or photo editing, we’re ready to find the best one for your team. We also consider features like CPU processing abilities, memory storage, and removable drives. In addition to custom desktops, we can provide any combination of other hardware to support your company.
  • Efficiency: Whether you need more desktops, additional servers, or a new printer, adding new hardware to your place of business can make a huge difference in your productivity. For example, adding an electronic time clock can help you track working hours with ease, making your payroll processes more efficient.
  • Support: With the Kirbtech team on your side, you gain ongoing support for your hardware when you need it. If you need to troubleshoot new equipment or replace something old, you can contact us right away. We’re your IT equipment providers for the long term.
  • Reliability: When you need reliable IT hardware in Carlisle and beyond, Kirbtech is the place to go. We provide high-quality equipment, and we’re so confident in the value of our computers, we offer a five-year warranty for each one.
  • Scalability: Having a single source for your hardware needs makes it easy to expand when the time comes. Whether you develop your team or take on new clients, we’re here to add computers, printers, servers, and more to your office.

Sometimes, you know your workflow isn’t efficient, but you don’t know what you need to solve the problem. If you’re unsure about where to start, you can discuss your options with the Kirbtech team before you commit to any new equipment.

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How Common Is Hardware for Businesses?

Hardware is so common in the modern world that it’s challenging to go a day without interacting with it. While it’s important to our personal lives when we take photos, manage our bank accounts, and stream movies, it’s also essential to business.

With many companies relying on web applications like email and accounting programs to support their services, hardware is a requirement. You can find IT hardware in every industry, including:

Hardware demands will change depending on the industry and its priorities. While health care facilities prioritize servers for handling multiple processes, education has to consider computer and printing needs for students and teachers. Regardless of your unique hardware needs, you rely on it one way or another.

Knowing how common and valuable hardware is to businesses, it’s time to assess your hardware needs. Maybe your desktops are outdated, or you don’t have enough services to handle your computer usage. Kirbtech can provide time clocks, backup devices, networking tools, and much more.

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Kirbtech brings excellence with every part of their process... They are willing to help and explain each aspect of the different projects we use them for, and help educate my team and I about what tech we can use to make our business more efficient. I would highly recommend their team to any person or business with tech needs!

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