IT Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

As healthcare industry technologies have drastically expanded over the past few decades, so have their information technology (IT) needs. Hospitals, doctor’s offices and dental offices require IT support to keep up with the ever-changing regulatory environment while improving patients’ overall quality of care. Numerous medical facilities are entrusting their high-tech operations to IT professionals.

You can secure high-level managed IT services for the health care industry in central Pennsylvania, at Kirbtech. Our outsourced IT company is proud to have delivered direct and reliable support to companies across the central Pennsylvania region for over 10 years and counting.

Why Choose Kirbtech for Healthcare IT?

At Kirbtech, we understand communication is a crucial component of the health care industry. We deliver IT support for dental offices and medical facilities in Carlisle to ensure health care establishments can achieve optimal communication and collaboration between devices, staff, providers and patients.

We deliver various customizable IT solutions for our clients, including:

  • Managed IT: Our team can fix technical issues fast and provide preventive maintenance to keep your systems functional and efficient with managed IT services.
  • Camera systems: If you’re looking for enhanced protection in your facility, we can install security cameras with 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities.
  • Networking: We can conduct an assessment and design a network your facility can count on or manage your company’s cabling to create a stable and dependable infrastructure needed to avoid network interruptions.
  • Servers: On-premise data servers keep computer systems stable and connected while facilitating more secure and efficient operations. You can trust our IT experts to identify common server problems and offer solutions to improve.
  • Cloud solutions: Access your data in or out of the office with cloud-based solutions for email, accounting, messaging and file storage.
  • Hardware: Installing reliable hardware makes workflow more straightforward. We can simplify your daily tasks with laptops, time clocks, backup devices and printers.
  • Phone systems: Health care facilities often conduct business over the phone. We can upgrade your phone system to ensure scalable and effective communications with extensions customized to your needs.
  • Computer repair: If your computers require repairs, we’ll get them back up and running fast.

Find Healthcare IT Support in Central Pennsylvania

If you’re looking to optimize your medical facility with managed IT services for the health care industry, Kirbtech is your solution. Our local company prioritizes trust and integrity with every service while using advanced knowledge and skills to deliver custom solutions throughout HarrisburgCamp HillMechanicsburgYorkChambersburg, Hanover, and other areas throughout Central PA.

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Benefits of Dental and Medical Office IT Support

Booking IT solutions with our Kirbtech means experiencing the benefits of working with an experienced health care IT company, including:

Reduced costs: Working with IT providers means eliminating the need to invest in expensive IT equipment and resources while cutting costly operational inefficiencies.

Increased security: IT services improve data security with automated backups, disaster recovery and cybersecurity risk reduction to ensure continuous protection.

Maximized efficiency: Improve business operations, minimize errors, reduce downtime and boost productivity with top-of-the-line technology solutions.

Improved quality of care: With proper doctor office IT support, your staff can better focus on improving patient care instead of grappling with inefficient systems.