Managed IT for Insurance Agencies

The insurance industry relies heavily on technology to deliver satisfying customer experiences. It can be challenging for insurance agencies to adequately manage these information technologies (IT) on top of handling daily business operations. Luckily, these tasks become seamless with IT support for insurance agencies.

Kirbtech provides managed IT for insurance agencies in Carlisle and throughout central Pennsylvania. We’ve spent over 10 years providing technical support for our clients while maintaining our values of integrity and improvement.

What You Can Expect From Our IT Support

Incorporate stability and efficiency into your insurance environment with IT services from Kirbtech. We understand pressures have increased for insurance agencies to remain competitive while responding to evolving industry demands. You can spend less time managing your technologies and more time focusing on running your business when our expert team takes over your IT responsibilities.

We offer the following services through insurance agency IT support in Carlisle:


  • Cloud solutions: Access your most vital data conveniently with cloud-based applications that support messaging, file storage, accounting and email.
  • Networking: We can develop a reliable network for your agency while managing cabling to generate the most stable infrastructure for your needs.
  • Managed IT: With managed IT for insurance agencies, we offer preventive maintenance services, technology repairs, data backups, emergency support and update management to deliver continuous technical support.
  • Hardware: Our team provides hardware solutions, including laptops printers, backup devices and time clocks to streamline your workflows.
  • Computer repair: We’re experienced in quickly implementing computer repairs for everything from failed hard drives to broken screens.
  • Phone systems: Phone system efficiency is crucial to client communication, which is why we offer phone upgrades to help you conduct business and keep customers happy.
  • Servers: We help insurance agencies achieve flexibility, efficiency and control for their technical operations with on-premise data centers and servers.
  • Camera systems: Ensure optimal security for your business with our high-tech security cameras with 24/7 monitoring capabilities.


Get IT Support for your Insurance Agency Today

Kirbtech offers IT support for insurance agencies in Carlisle that set the standard for reliability and efficiency. We’re known for our comprehensive services and friendly support, developing the most creative solutions to meet our clients’ unique needs.

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Benefits of IT Support for Insurance Agencies

When you invest in insurance agency IT support, you can experience the advantages of working with Kirbtech:


Cost savings: With managed IT services, you won’t have to incur the costs of hiring an in-house IT team, such as payroll, benefits and equipment, saving your company money.

Increased productivity: We provide insurance agencies with the assistance and solutions to achieve optimal operational efficiency.

Competitive edge: Tools, resources and support from a professional IT company can give your agency a competitive advantage against other organizations.

Data security: You can feel confident your data is safe and secure when your systems are constantly monitored and managed by experts.