Cloud Solutions From Kirbtech

  • Email (Microsoft Office 365, G Suite)
  • File storage (Onedrive, Dropbox)
  • Accounting (Quickbooks Online)
  • SharePoint
  • Messaging (Microsoft Teams, Slack)
  • Phone (Microsoft Teams, RingCentral, Zoom)
  • Backup (Barracuda, Acronis, MSP360)

Do you have increasing file storage needs? Is team communication a priority, or do you need a better approach to accounting? With cloud solutions from Kirbtech, you can address some of your biggest organizational challenges without setting up in-house infrastructure.

With limited space and small budgetary requirements, cloud applications can take small businesses to the next level without overextending their resources. As your managed service provider (MSP), Kirbtech will handle the administrative side while your team reaps the benefits. If you need cloud-based services for business in Pennsylvania and beyond, trust Kirbtech.

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What Are Cloud Managed Services?

You’ve likely heard the cloud mentioned in many contexts, from saving photos on your phone to using an email platform. In basic terms, the cloud is a virtual computer environment. It’s an internet server made for saving and managing data without a physical hard drive, making it accessible from any device.

Cloud applications are most often accessed through a web address on your preferred browser. Other times, you can use a dedicated mobile app. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access these platforms and the data you’ve stored within them.

You’ll usually have an account with a password. If it’s a personal account, like for storing photos, you’ll be the only person with access. Businesses may use a central account where employees can collectively share and manage data.

With the ease and accessibility of the cloud, many tech leaders have adapted their solutions to work in a virtual environment. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and Intuit have made cloud tools like email, data backup, and word processors.

There are public, private, and hybrid cloud options. The public cloud can be accessed directly through the internet, while private cloud setups require in-house infrastructure. The hybrid model uses a combination of the two. All options allow users to access their data in a flexible storage space, but every company has a different comfort level when it comes to public and private access.

Streamline your business with anywhere cloud access.

You and your employees can have access to the applications and data you need to keep your business moving forward without depending on in-house hardware and software. The cloud is the perfect place to secure, store, and utilize your data, and we have the experts and experience to do it right.

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What Are the Benefits of Cloud Solutions?

Whether you use data backup, email, or messaging platforms, managed cloud services can be beneficial to Carlisle businesses. With cloud applications, you can:

  • Enjoy accessibility: With application access on any internet-enabled device, your team can stay connected wherever your employees are. Cloud solutions can open the door to remote work and allow your workers to use their preferred devices for day-to-day tasks.
  • Consolidate data: Regardless of your industry, you’ve likely collected significant amounts of data, from financial information to customer contacts. If you’ve been in business for a long time, your data may be distributed among file folders, flash drives, and saved locations on your desktop. With cloud solutions, you can consolidate all of your materials in a central space.
  • Secure your information: Physical data storage can be subject to issues ranging from file corruption to failing hard drives. With cloud data backup, you can keep all of your information safe and enjoy peace of mind since technology hiccups will have minimal effect on your saved information.
  • Increase collaboration: Cloud solutions like Slack and G Suite keep your team more connected than they’ve ever been before. Multiple locations, remote workers, and small offices can all benefit from more efficient communication and file sharing, regardless of your industry.
  • Decrease costs: Maintaining in-house data storage comes with a price. Between server costs and installation fees, traditional data management is not as cost-effective as the cloud, and it requires far more maintenance. Cloud applications create a streamlined workflow for your employees at a lower cost.
  • Reduce personnel needs: If you currently use an in-house approach to data management, you might rely on an IT employee or team to keep your systems up and running. While this arrangement can work for large enterprises, smaller businesses may not be able to handle extra personnel and potentially high turnover rates. Kirbtech manages your cloud solutions at our Carlisle location so you can enjoy all the benefits without needing an IT team.
  • Scale the cloud with your business: Our cloud solutions continue to meet your needs as you grow. Whether you need more users for your Office 365 setup or more storage space for your data backup, we have you covered.

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How Common Is the Cloud?

As more applications move to the internet and more teams rely on remote workers, the cloud is an increasingly popular tool for individuals and businesses. While many of us rely on it for file storage and email access, companies can also improve communication within their teams, back up their data, and handle accounting needs.

Cloud adoption is still in its early stages, but it accounts for a considerable portion of IT processes. It’s no longer a question of if you should move to the cloud, but what apps you should move and when. Between data storage needs, backup requirements, and scalability, many industries can benefit from the cloud model, such as:

  • Education
  • Finance
  • Health care
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Nonprofits
  • Manufacturing

While traditional servers may be a comfort zone for many small businesses, the benefits of the cloud are undeniable. The internet has become a valuable tool in business, and it’s making processes even easier. Many companies rely on a least one cloud application to operate, and it’s expected that businesses will continue to migrate other procedures.

When you work with an MSP like Kirbtech, you gain all the benefits of cloud solutions without the management responsibilities. We work to assess your unique business needs so you can migrate to the right applications for your workflow. We’ll work to identify your biggest pain points, whether it’s communication or storage, and find the ideal solution.

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Kirbtech has done a superb job since hiring them in 2018. They helped us take control of our systems and backup, advising on upgrades where necessary to protect our business and our client data. We use them under a managed services agreement which is very cost-effective and allows us to budget our IT dollars. The Kirbtech team has a wide knowledge base, and on the rare occasion that we stump them, they always fully research our issues and provide help in a timely manner. Being able to rely on them for equipment, service, and sometimes just advice has been invaluable to us.

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