Kirbtech is an IT managed services provider based in Central Pennsylvania. We offer local IT outsourcing to help your business save resources and focus on your main objectives rather than building and maintaining an internal IT team.

We’re proud to serve as business technology consultants for small to medium-size businesses. When you partner with our team for outsourced IT in Camp Hill, we strive to offer specialized, reliable support.

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Kirbtech offers IT managed services in Camp Hill, PA, to help organizations save time and boost productivity through business technology. We have over two decades of experience serving several industries, from non-profit organizations like churches to the finance, law and construction sectors. Our team focuses on automating your workflows, so you spend less time on technology and more on building your bottom line.

Our technicians have certifications from many technology industry leaders, including:

  • Barracuda
  • Microsoft
  • Ubiquiti
  • Grandstream
  • Technology-specific companies

Benefits of Choosing Our Managed Services

Businesses considering managed IT services in Camp Hill benefit from their partnerships with Kirbtech:

  • Cost savings: IT outsourcing is a cost-effective investment that yields long-term profits for many companies. Third-party IT providers already have an infrastructure in place with a large team of professionals and high-tech digital and physical security measures. Choosing a service like Kirbtech is an affordable service that allows you to bypass the need to hire specialists and purchase new equipment.
  • Expertise: Our IT support team has years of experience supporting companies across industries, from non-profit organizations to financial institutions. We’re prepared to help your organization tear down IT obstacles to productivity.
  • Preventive maintenance: We help you gain peace of mind by analyzing your software and system before you run into issues. Our team will perform regular maintenance to ensure we catch any problems before they become severe.
  • Technical support: Kirbtech offers HelpDesk and cloud solutions for your IT issues. We can mitigate minor technical errors during business hours and offer 24/7 IT services for emergencies.

What Can Kirbtech Do for Your Camp Hill Business?

Kirbtech meets your organization’s IT support needs with offerings bundled into a cost-effective package. The primary offerings we provide for the managed service package include:

  • Daily system review and server backup checks
  • Responses to support requests based on priority
  • A password and documentation platform complete with network information
  • Complete management related to software licensing, updates and antivirus programs
  • Monitoring office technology like PCs

We also offer a full-service package that includes and adds to these features. Our team will conduct periodic on-site visits to check your network, provide emergency support around the clock and strive to meet all your technical requirements.

When you contact us for a free consultation, Kirbtech will walk you through the options that fit your business. We’ll also create a free IT management plan tailored to your company. Then, we have a team of onboarding experts who will explain how the transition to our IT services would work. Once we finalize the plan with you, we’ll make the transition as frictionless as possible and provide IT management and support going forward.

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Kirbtech is proud to offer managed services to small and mid-sized businesses in Camp Hill, PA. We can help you upgrade your IT resources so that you won’t need an extensive in-house IT team.

Want to learn more? Kirbtech has been helping companies like yours with IT support in the Camp Hill, PA, area since 2007. You can request a no-cost consultation online or reach out by calling or texting our team at 717-258-3789 to find out more about your IT outsourcing options.

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