Information technology drives business growth by increasing your employees’ productivity. Employees with access to reliable computers and networks can fulfill your customers’ needs in real time. Your team can spend more time on the front-end activities when they have a support team that addresses technology issues as they arise.

Kirbtech is a premier provider of IT support services in Central Pennsylvania. We empower small and medium-sized businesses to operate at their full potential by customizing IT systems to fulfill each enterprise’s unique needs. Call our team for help with installing technology that will boost your output.

Kirbtech Service Areas in Central Pennsylvania

The knowledgeable and experienced team at Kirbtech can provide your company with friendly and professional outsourced IT support for your Pennsylvania business. Our team has experience serving businesses in major industries, including finance, manufacturing, education, insurance, agriculture and healthcare. We’re committed to building trust with your business by providing experts who can install complex networks and software and diagnose issues quickly.

We’ve invested in high-quality back-end equipment that enables us to support enterprises of all sizes. Whether your business is in an urban center or rural community, we can help you save time and money with our comprehensive IT services. We offer both remote consulting and on-site IT support to the following Pennsylvania locations:

Outsourced IT Support Services in Central Pennsylvania

We offer comprehensive IT support to simplify your workflows and enable your team to spend more time designing superior products, fulfilling customer orders and offering customer service:

  • Hardware: We will upgrade your laptops, computers, backup devices, time clocks and more to digitize your workflows and increase your daily output.
  • Managed IT: We will manage your IT system by connecting computers in your network and monitoring them so they can run without interference.
  • Computer repair: Our team will repair broken PC and Mac computers and install new keyboards, screens or other components to restore the machines’ capabilities.
  • Network management and cabling: Our experts will design a customized network using fiber optics, wireless connections and VPNs to secure your data from external threats.
  • Cloud management: Our team will build and maintain a cloud backup of your files, emails and messages so you can access them anytime using any device.
  • Servers: We will design, migrate and upgrade internal servers to keep your computers connected.
  • Security cameras: We will install high-quality cameras that monitor offices, devices and storage rooms to discourage theft and backdoor entry to your confidential data.
  • VoIP systems: Our team will install internet-connected phones to streamline calls with your clients and enable voice-over-internet communication.

Why You Should Choose Kirbtech for IT Support

Since we began operations in 2007, we’ve invested in high-quality equipment and skilled experts who can handle simple to complex IT issues in small and large organizations. Our local team can visit your site wherever your business is.

We’ve streamlined communication so our team can immediately respond to your calls and diagnose your issue. We can identify system problems remotely to minimize downtime and organize a team to visit your premises to upgrade hardware if needed.

We personalize services depending on your needs. For example, we can supply computers and printers with enough memory needed to process your daily data. Our team can also build a network customized for your business size and make upgrades when your enterprise grows.

When you work with our team, you’ll enjoy:

– High efficiency: New hardware will increase productivity, and with our dedicated helpdesk, you’ll face minimal workflow interruptions.

– Saved costs: You’ll save the expense of hiring in-house IT staff and reduce profit lost due to downtime.

– More time for core business activities: Your team can focus on satisfying customers and improving products and services while we handle the back-end IT systems.

– Business growth: We will upgrade your IT systems to enable you to handle more customers and manage thousands of data files.

Contact Us to Schedule a Consultation

Whether you need outsourced IT support in Hanover, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg or York, the experts at Kirbtech can help. We offer a comprehensive array of reliable services to optimize your operations and support your growing business.

Fill out this form to book a consultation, call us at (717) 258-3789 or email us at We’re committed to building technology systems that streamline your customer service to enable you to develop long-term relationships with your clients.