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What Is Remote Desktop Software?

What Is Remote Desktop Software?

Remote desktop software, or remote access software, enables users to remotely connect with and use an in-office computer from another device. Users can access company files and applications as if they were at their desks in person, allowing them to work from anywhere while using company resources.

There are many types of remote desktop software, such as Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) — previously known as Terminal Services — TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Chrome Remote Desktop and Virtual Network Computing (VNC). All these software types work to ensure data security and improve productivity as employees work remotely.

How Does Remote Desktop Software Work?

Remote desktop software enables employees to use their personal devices to connect with their in-office workstations. The device must support Microsoft’s proprietary protocol, Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). RDP opens a dedicated network channel the device and the in-office computer can use to send data back and forth securely.

With their RDP-supported devices, users can connect to a host server, log in and receive authorization. They can then remotely connect to their workplace desktops in real time and use it as if they were in the office. The software equips them to easily access files, data and applications and perform any other function they could do while sitting at their desk.

Why Is Remote Desktop Software Essential for Businesses?

Remote desktop software is vital for businesses that want to maintain a competitive advantage in an ever-evolving virtual workplace environment. Increasing remote work requirements and cybersecurity threats place unique demands on companies that want to retain top talent and ensure data security. Businesses must also consider how to improve efficiency and establish the ability to support operations from anywhere.

With remote desktop software, your organization can:

  • Improve security: Remote desktop software helps organizations maintain business integrity and protect data by keeping sensitive data on company servers instead of transferring it to unsecured personal devices. Remote desktop software also allows organizations to implement security procedures such as limiting the number of users, requiring passwords and encrypting data.
  • Increase flexibility: Applications and desktops run from cloud servers, so users can work from anywhere and on almost any device that supports RDP. Even businesses with legacy on-site IT systems can use remote desktop software to increase their remote work capabilities.
  • Facilitate collaboration: Teams across locations and time zones can collaborate easily since every member can access shared company resources. When everyone works with the same versions of the same applications, data exchange will be smoother and collaboration easier.
  • Save on costs: Remote desktop software offers cost-efficient remote work solutions by reducing hardware and software needs, ultimately lowering IT infrastructure costs. Businesses can invest in low-cost, thin-client devices or repurpose their existing hardware to reduce overhead costs and physical space requirements.
  • Streamline IT processes: With remote desktop software, everything is hosted on a central server rather than individual devices, making it easier for IT teams to deploy, upgrade and maintain software programs, as well as establishing backups without requiring physical access to the server or computer. They can quickly implement patches, run diagnostics and apply fixes that keep operations running smoothly for all remote workers.
  • Enhance productivity: Remote desktop software enables users to work with the same desktop experience they are used to, encouraging smoother transitions between in-office and remote work. Users can easily log in and pick up tasks from where they left off on another device, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Scale operations: Remote desktop solutions can be scaled to accommodate a single user or a large organization, making it versatile for various needs. Whether a business has temporary increases in demand or requires a larger team to suit its growth, these solutions can expand with the organization.

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