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NDAA Compliance for Security Cameras

NDAA Compliance for Security Cameras

There are many factors for a business to consider when purchasing or installing security cameras. Aspects like video quality, positioning, data storage and camera management are often top priorities that occupy a decision-maker’s time, but many other factors are also essential.

Compliance with relevant laws is a crucial feature in a security camera system, especially when installing that system on government property. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) establishes criteria for compliant cameras by ruling out options made by a few manufacturers.

NDAA Explained

The NDAA is a bill establishing the policies and budget the United States Department of Defense will follow each year. The bill has passed for over 60 consecutive years, making it one of the most prolific bipartisan efforts in American history.

The NDAA covers various types of equipment, including security cameras and video recorders. A product that meets NDAA requirements can earn an NDAA-compliant rating that certifies it for use on government property or within government-funded projects.

Congress updates the bill annually with adjustments that reflect evolving security needs. Updates often prompt government agencies to change hardware or software that could become susceptible to a security breach.

While NDAA compliance is a requirement for security cameras used by government agencies, it is also a seal of cybersecurity that can give confidence to businesses in the private sector.

NDAA Regulations for Security Cameras

The NDAA includes parameters for all security cameras used on government or government-funded properties. These properties consist of military facilities, municipal buildings, schools and any building run by the government or with government funding.

The most recent update to the NDAA that impacted security camera technology came in section 889 of the 2019 edition. Under this section, video surveillance equipment is ineligible for government use if it is from certain Chinese manufacturers. Cameras are also ineligible if they contain components from one of those manufacturers or if a third-party company sells them as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) products.

Congress banned five companies through the NDAA — Hytera Communications Corporation, Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, Dahua Technology Company, Huawei Technologies Company and ZTE Corporation. The companies Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Company, Dahua Technology Company and Hytera Communications Corporation focus primarily on security cameras. Affiliate companies or companies that these brands own also fall under NDAA regulations.

A common thread ties together the businesses Congress bans through the NDAA. Each company has some affiliation with the Chinese government. Banning these manufacturers is an attempt to mitigate cybersecurity risk or otherwise prevent exploitation.

Why It’s Important to Follow NDAA Requirements

Always use NDAA-compliant cameras on government property or within government-funded projects. Following relevant regulations will protect your business from financial penalties and security breaches.

Avoid Violation Fees

Using a noncompliant security camera could cost your business thousands of dollars. Contractors are subject to financial penalties for failing to accurately disclose information about the security cameras they install on government property. The financial penalty aligns with normal enforcement for federal contracts, costing up to almost $30,000 per false claim.

Improve Security Infrastructure

Using NDAA-compliant cameras improves physical security and cybersecurity at any facility. Government buildings with compliant cameras benefit from high-level security monitoring capabilities. Additionally, compliant cameras are safer from cybersecurity breaches that would give a perpetrator unauthorized access to the camera or its footage.

NDAA-Approved Security Cameras

At Kirbtech, we provide safe, reliable security camera systems for businesses across industries. Our video surveillance solutions help small and mid-sized companies monitor their properties using powerful hardware and secure software. We customize security camera installations using NDAA-approved cameras that meet regulations in government applications and provide added peace of mind in the private sector.

Our custom security solutions combine powerful camera technology and robust management software. Your authorized personnel will have access to agile security monitoring features from their phones or computers. We will support you through every stage by selecting the ideal location for each camera, training your team to use the surveillance software and offering technical support after installation.

Learn More About NDAA-Compliant Security Cameras

Installing cameras that meet NDAA requirements improves security and eliminates the risk of expensive violation fees. Kirbtech is here to outfit your business with premium video surveillance equipment that complies with relevant regulations. We encourage you to contact us online for more on our security solutions.

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