IT Checklist for Moving to a New Office

IT Checklist for Moving to a New Office

As businesses grow and expand, the need to do an expansion or an all-out office move to a bigger location is bound to happen. Having helped many of our clients move, we know how frustrating moving the IT infrastructure can be. With what seems like a gazillion cables connecting all the computers and monitors, moving all this equipment and expecting it to all work when it is all hooked up seems like a far shot.

If you’re preparing for IT office relocation, you can use our new office IT infrastructure checklist to ensure that you’re fully prepared to make the move.

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Steps to Successfully Move Your IT Infrastructure

It’s crucial that you relocate your IT infrastructure with as little downtime as possible. However, this process may be easier said than done without an effective plan in place. Luckily, we’ve done that part for you.

You can use our IT relocation checklist to make your move as seamless and efficient as possible.

1. Establish a Relocation Plan in Advance

You can save yourself considerable time and money when you plan your IT office relocation in advance instead of trying to figure out what to do on the day of the move. Give yourself a few months leading up to your moving day to organize your most vital tasks. Some steps you can take include:

Be sure to ask yourself the following questions when creating your IT office move checklist to further prepare for your move:

2. Assess Your Equipment

Next, it’s time to evaluate your company’s current hardware. Create a comprehensive inventory to determine what equipment you already have and what you may need to replace. If you have any aging or unreliable technology within your infrastructure, consider upgrading it with a brand new installation. Be sure to return any leased IT equipment you no longer need and dispose of any broken equipment.

Important questions to ask when assessing your infrastructure technology include:

steps to move your it infrastructure

3. Consider Communication and Cabling Requirements

Your new office location may not have the cabling and infrastructure your business needs. Ensure you assess your communication requirements and determine what you need to purchase or install in the office. It’s also wise to back up all data from your telecommunications systems before moving to your new office.

Other questions to ask yourself to determine your communication and cabling needs include:

4. Prepare Your New Office Workspace

You’ll want to prepare your new IT workspace well ahead of time to ensure you can easily implement your IT equipment and infrastructure come moving day. When you arrive at your new location for your site visit, consider taking your IT provider and cabling company with you to determine that everything is operational and decide whether you’d like to add additional network drops.

You can use this checklist to begin preparing your office space:

5. Prioritize Network and Data Security

Moving your IT infrastructure to a new location provides an excellent opportunity for improving your network and data security. Begin by taking inventory of all your protected assets and evaluating your company’s current security policy, updating it if necessary.

Security questions to ask yourself include:

6. Test New Office IT Network and Setup

The last step in our IT relocation checklist is to test your new office’s IT network and setup to ensure everything performs according to your expectations. Consider inviting your IT and telecommunications providers to review these elements with your staff and answer any questions.

Finally, ask yourself the following questions as you test your equipment:

Call Kirbtech to Help With Your IT Infrastructure Move

We do IT every day; we know how computers are hooked up, and we know what goes into what port. So leave the frustrating work of disassembling and reassembling the computers and servers to us. We will disassemble and safely transport your IT infrastructure to your new location and reassemble so when you sit down at your computer in your brand new office; it is ready for you to get back to work.

We have helped companies located in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg, Lebanon, Gettysburg, and Lancaster, PA, move their IT Infrastructure. So if your business location is a 1-2 hour driving distance from Carlisle, PA, we can help you.

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